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Behind-the-scenes electrical work Useful goods

For the busy electrician who works hard every day, there is a sincere desire to make the daily work easier! is a sincere wish. Of course, it is important to make it not only easy but also safe. This is why we’ve introduced some useful goods for electrical work. Even if you’re not good at electrical work, you can easily use these!

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a convenient product that could make the work of replacing live wires for switches, outlets, and fluorescent light ballasts easier and more convenient?

A pair of clothespins and shrink tubing 5 mm in diameter can be processed to replace the insulating tape for the power wires.

I’m not very good at electrical work, and when I removed the insulation tape, I made a mistake several times and the power line touched the conductor, causing a ground fault.
In the first place, I know that in electrical work, the breaker must be turned off.
In reality, fluorescent light ballast, outlet and switch replacement requires live wire work.

This is a really useful product that eliminates the need to remove insulation tape, which I am not very good at, and saves time and drastically reduces the degree of danger.


This handy product can be quickly disconnected from the power line and the charging part can be plugged directly into a ballast, switch, or outlet.
It can be plugged directly into a ballast, switch, or outlet. By attaching the three convenience items to the red, black, and ground wires, you can easily peel off the insulation.


It cannot be used to replace the ballast of a ceiling-suspended fluorescent lamp when the entire lamp has to be lowered.
When pulling out the power line, the convenience goods will get in the way.

It is a consumable item. It will break if you try to expand it too much.

Basically, it’s for VA wire 1.6mm, I’ve never done 2.0mm.


This convenient product eliminates the need to remove insulation tape, and the ease of covering the live wire with this product saves time and drastically reduces the danger.

If you are interested in this product, please visit YouTube. It’s in Japanese, but I think you can understand the content.

If you are interested in how to make it, please see here.